Remembering Your Dad on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is meant to be a joyful day to celebrate your Dad but it can be an emotional holiday for those who have lost their dads. If it is a recent loss, the  messages of Father’s Day may feel like too difficult  to bear. If more time has passed, the holiday may inspire you to do something special to honor your father Regardless of how much time has passed, there are several ways you can remember Dad this Father’s Day.

 Ideas for Paying Tribute to Dad on Father’s Day
Buy a Card
If the greeting card aisle makes you emotional,  maybe  buy a card that captures your feelings or describes your relationship with your father. Thoughtful, serious or funny, the card you choose can help put your emotions and thoughts into words. It’s also nice to write a note to your Dad inside the card.  You can bring the card to your father’s grave or keep it in a special place at home.


 Share His Stories
On Father’s Day, keep your dad’s stories alive for future generations by writing some of your favorites in a journal or retelling them to your own children or  ask each family member to share their favorite Dad or Grandpa story during  dinner.

 Bring Flowers
Taking flowers to your dad’s grave on Father’s Day is a nice way to pay tribute to him.  Choose flowers in his favorite colors.  You could also plant flowers in memory of him.

Visit Another Father
Father’s Day might feel lonely if you can’t visit or call your own father. Consider visiting a senior in a nursing home or senior center who might not otherwise have any guests on Father’s Day. If appropriate and permitted,  younger children can also come with you.

What Would Dad Do?
Spend the day in tribute to your father by participating in activities he would have enjoyed.  You can watch his favorite movies, cook his favorite foods or listen to music he enjoyed, this will  help you feel connected to him even when he’s gone.

It’s difficult to deal with grief during the holidays and missing  your Dad on Father’s Day is natural.  No matter how you decide to spend the day,  what’s  most important  is to listen to your heart and allow yourself to do as much or as little as you are able.

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