New Year, Same You

It’s a new year and everyone is making resolutions.  “I’m going to lose weight”, “I’m going to the gym”, “I’m going to eat better” etc.  We all make these resolutions and then a few months later we’re back where we started and forget about changes we wanted to make to “better” our lives.    While it’s good to make changes to help you lead a healthy and happy life, we shouldn’t try to make all changes all at once, also sometime when we decide to make a lot of changes, we set ourselves up for failure because we have so much on our plate.

Instead of making many resolutions think of making intentions.  You can say I intend to try to  go to the gym 3 days a week or I intend to eat healthier.  Doing this takes pressure off of you and if you fall off just remember to get back up.  Also remember even if you make changes  you’re still the same person and you’re just learning how to be the best possible version of yourself.  Happy New Year.

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