Your Relationship After Infidelity



pexels-photo-984949.jpegIt seems as if everyday another public official comes forward and announces that he or she  is having some type of affair. Infidelity can take on different forms, there are emotional affairs, physical affairs as well as when a partner spends much of their time talking about sexually explicit behavior with someone whom they meet on the internet even if they have not physically met. Every time the media gives attention to the topic of infidelity and cheating, many couples internally ask the question of how they would cope with the  situation.

Marriage Can Survive Infidelity

It is possible for a marriage to survive infidelity however it won’t be easy and there will be many different emotions as well as hurt feelings.
There will probably be anger, tears, and depression. It will take time to heal. In order for the relationship to heal there has to be a decision to trust again.

The person who had the affair will need to take responsibility and not blame his/her spouse for the affair. Both spouses will need to be committed to save their relationship. It is very important to have open communication with your partner and discuss your feelings about what happened. Marriage counseling will be helpful in helping you to heal from the pain of the affair. A relationship can only survive if both partners are willing to acquire and use the communication skills necessary to making their marriage successful.

Feelings Often Surrounding  Infidelity

Some feelings that are prominent when a couple experiences cheating  include:

Some Relationships Should Not Be Saved

It is possible for your relationship to survive this onslaught of feelings. However, some relationships  are not meant to be saved.
If the infidelity is one of many symptoms of domestic and/or emotional abuse in your relationship, or if your spouse is a serial cheater, it may be time to end the relationship.

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