Welcome to our blog.    Transforming Lives Counseling Service is an online  psychotherapy practice in New York and New Jersey  dedicated to bettering the mental health of women and girls in particular Black women and girls.   Racquel  P. Jones, LCSW-R   is the Founder and Director of Transforming Lives Counseling Service. The other therapists in the practice are Latifa A. Williams, LMHC – Assistant Director, Ronda Collins, LMHC, LaJeanna Haughton, LMSW and Susanne Berman, LMSW. We specialize in assisting our clients to   reach important goals by providing a supportive, caring, warm and non judgmental environment.     We hope to help and  empower you  to create a more meaningful and fulfilling life      Feel free to reach out to us  so we can work together to help you to live your best life.  Thank you for visiting our blog and be well.

Our website is:  http://www.transforminglivesonline.org/

Our  phone number is : 347- 450-5744