When a Friendship Ends



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Just like other relationships, the ending of a friendship can be very difficult.  Some friendships end naturally and others  end prematurely and abruptly.  It can be very painful when a friendship ends abruptly and you don’t understand what caused it to end.   If you don’t know why it ended,  you may  spend a lot of time wondering what happened and grieving the loss of your friend.

Tips on What to Do When a Friendship Is Over:

When a friendship is over, sometimes it helps to review the relationship.   Perhaps you remember your friend complaining that you’re always late, maybe you rarely return their phone calls. Maybe one of you was always asking for help but rarely returned the favor.
When a friend ends your relationship, it is a good idea to try to uncover the reasons the friendship is over.
Some people are better able to express feelings in writing rather than talking. It may  be helpful  to write your friend a note where you can express your feelings about the friendship.

It’s helpful to express your feelings of hurt, anger, or rejection. Write or talk about how you feel in a journal or letter – something you don’t necessarily plan to send. You can send the letter, throw it away or keep it. What’s most important is that you were able to write down your feelings.
If you wish to reestablish your friendship in the future, you can keep the doors of communication open by sending holiday or birthday cards or tell mutual friends to say hello for you.
When a friendship is over, don’t give up until you’re ready.

What not to do When a friendship is over:

Don’t be disrespectful of your friend by gossiping or complaining to mutual friends. When a friendship is over, you have to let it go.

Don’t burn all bridges – The ending of a friendship may only be temporary and you may want to reach out to your friend in the future.

Don’t push for communication When a friendship is over, sometimes you have to let it be over.